Our knowledge and expertise are enriched by years of service in different sectors; our team of chefs and F&B staff has the capabilities to operate efficiently any food service entity: schools, colleges and hotel staff canteens, hospital patient and resident food service, oil and gas platforms, corporate dining and executive facilities, franchise outlets and more. Supported by our food safety specialists and our nutrition department, they deliver a safe, healthy and balanced food to any type of customers, catering specifically to their needs and tastes.

We manage our resources, suppliers and customers’ relations differently:

Our People: we constantly seek the development of our staff, we trust their capabilities and empower them to better serve
our customers.
Our Products: our produces are fresh, safe, tasty, appealing and very wide in varieties.
Our Suppliers: we develop a partner relation with our suppliers. Our suppliers’ selection is based on strict standards that encompass food safety, quality and flexibility.
Our Customers: we add value to our customers by providing value for money service with a creative approach, on time delivery, well trained and informed staff, trouble free service and long term relation.

Balance, variety and moderation

Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods that gives the nutrients
the body needs to maintain health, feel good, and have energy. Nutrition
is important for everyone, we make sure to provide the different needs
of the different target groups; young students, adults, elderly and

When combined with physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight,
eating well is an excellent way to help the body stay strong and healthy.
Keeping in mind that eating should be a joyful experience that gives
the body what it needs to be healthy, so we dare to be creative with
new recipes and combinations, adopting healthy cooking techniques
using the proper ingredients.

Cooking for students away from their homes is a challenge. Food served
should cover the growth, intellectual performance, and physical activity
needs of the young children, teens and university students.

Our Chefs and Nutritionists work together to produce healthy well
balanced menus that cover the students health needs. When planning
the menus we make sure that it covers the key nutrients that are essential
for each age group; proteins, carbohydrates, Calcium, Iron and a wide
range of vitamins and minerals in addition to the energy needs. Our
menus have plenty of fruits and vegetables and our recipes are developed
to reduce salt, sugar and unhealthy fats.

With our resources and expertise we can help the healthcare institutions
to provide a reliable food service system for supplying nutritionally
adequate and appetizing meals to patients and residents, and make
meal time an anticipated event that plays an important role in the
well being and morale of patients and staff.

Our qualified dietitians, chefs, food & beverage managers and
food safety staff can help your institution:

– Meet the nutritional needs of patients as appropriate for their
specific heath conditions
– Provide nutrition education and encourage positive attitudes
– Provide meals that enhance the patient satisfaction with the institution
– Comply with international and local food services food safety standards
and regulation

Our staff and chefs have variable and wide expertise from
reputable restaurants to five stars hotels. In-house, we train and
educate them to instill our values and standards, we promote research
and development and share knowledge and interesting publications and
lectures. Also, we encourage their participation in external culinary
and F&B events, competitions and expositions.

On a different level we care for our staff well being and lead by
example, promoting therefore a loyalty towards the company and its
customers that infiltrate into the high service level that our staff
delivers to our customer.

We believe that our contribution to the community we work and live
in is an integral part of our responsible commitment towards the well
being of all community members and the sustainability of all natural
resources. We serve voluntarily and in many occasions the children
with special needs, the elderly, non-profit organizations and special
causes. We campaign to clean the environment and collect recyclable


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