Our Brands


Our flagship brands are prominent names in the F&B retail space, serving some of the most delicious gourmet sandwiches, wraps, salads, and beverages. Brands for those who crave homemade, accessible, and ready-to-eat food, on the go.

Welcome to Bean There Cafe and Bean There Bistro – where culinary excellence meets a vibrant and chic atmosphere.

Indulge your senses in a laid-back yet trendy coffee shop experience. At Bean There Cafe, we take pride in serving only the freshest beans to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Our menu goes beyond coffee, offering a desirable and delicious array of gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, and flatbreads. Dive into a world of exotic fresh salads and an irresistible assortment of pastries and desserts, all prepared daily. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or hosting a business rendezvous, our café provides the ideal environment for your moments of connection.

Step into the world of Bean There Bistro, a young and upscale contemporary restaurant that embraces excitement from sunrise to long after sunset. Every aspect of our restaurant, from its design to its menu, has been crafted with love and passion. Our commitment is to create a unique Dubai dining experience, capturing the city’s chic and hip essence. The menu is a masterpiece, offering an extensive selection ranging from breakfasts to gourmet sandwiches, exotic salads, mouthwatering pastas, and delectable main courses.

As the day fades into night, our alfresco dining and Shisha area comes alive, inviting you to savor exceptional service and the electric atmosphere. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely evening or a lively night out, Bean There Bistro is the place to be.

And don’t forget our beverage selection! In addition to high-quality gourmet coffees, we offer an array of teas and fresh juices to complement your culinary journey.

At Bean There Cafe and Bistro, we’re not just about dining – we’re about creating memorable experiences that remain on your palate and in your memories. Join us in this vibrant culinary adventure.

Discover the flavors of the Mediterranean with Zaatar W’ Aktar, your destination for authentic, wholesome on-the-go meals. Indulge in a delicious array of offerings, from flavorful manakish and savory shawarma to crisp falafel and mouthwatering Lebanese snacks.

 Our expertise lies in crafting dishes that blend traditional goodness with a health-conscious twist, featuring quality ingredients like creamy white cheese, rich olive oil, fresh spinach, juicy chicken and meat, and the heartiness of beans and chickpeas.

Elevating tradition further, don’t miss out on experiencing our unique “Aktar” creations that adds a delightful twist to every bite. Join us on a culinary journey that celebrates the best of Mediterranean cuisine at Zaatar W’ Aktar.

Welcome to Baydar, your ultimate destination for authentic Lebanese cuisine. Nestled in the heart of flavor, our restaurant brings cherished homemade recipes to life, capturing the essence of time-honored traditions.

At Baydar, we invite you to board on a culinary journey that combines the comfort of a relaxed, casual ambiannce with the richness of Lebanese flavors. Gather your family and friends to savor a selection of mouthwatering Mezzes. Our menu is a harmonious blend of vibrant colors, tantalizing aromas, bold flavors, and satisfying textures, showcasing iconic dishes like indulgent meat arayes, juicy shish kebabs, and flavorful shish tawouk.

Beyond our delectable offerings, Baydar is a haven that not only prides itself on perfect food and services but also places utmost importance on delivering exceptional value for your investment. Join us to experience not just a meal, but an unforgettable culinary expedition that celebrates the heart and soul of Lebanese cuisine.


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