As pioneers in the regional Food Service Industry, we recognize our responsibility to promote healthy eating habits and suggest nutrition-related guidance for fostering a wholesome and sustainable dietary regimen, offering healthier food choices to our customers and the community.

Our dedicated Nutrition team of licensed Dietitians and qualified Nutritionists develop programs tailored to meet the needs of our customers to encourage healthy, sustainable food choices and practices. For instance, we facilitate the implementation of the SEHHI (WEQAYA) program in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi, which promotes the consumption of healthy food in alignment with the Emirate’s vision of fostering a healthier community and promoting overall well-being. In addition, we pursue the Dubai Municipality Food and Nutrition Guidelines compliance in schools and our food outlets ensuring the service of nutritious and balanced meals to students and the community. We have helped implement many international wellness program certifications with our clients covering the food services section of the programs. Our team provides consults and solutions on food consumption trends and advises on best diet and nutrition practices.

Abela & Co. is committed to spreading nutritional awareness, we regularly partner with our clients to conduct on-site programs, like seminars and workshops.  We prioritize spreading awareness among our young clients at schools to ensure that the next generation of society is well-informed and follows good healthy eating habits. To support this idea, we conduct interactive and informative nutritional fair days in schools, colleges, and universities.

Menu Planning for Schools, Colleges, and Healthcare:

When planning menus we ensure they cover the essential nutrients for each age group including proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, and a wide range of vitamins and minerals in addition to meeting energy needs. Our menus offer plenty of fruits and vegetables and our recipes are developed to reduce salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

Hospital menus and therapeutic diets are planned following the latest regional and international dietary recommendations, respecting cultural diversity and covering all cuisines and preferences.

Plant-based and vegan meal plans are carefully designed to cover individual nutritional needs and requirements.

Nutrition Education Activities:

To encourage healthy eating, we have developed interactive and entertaining activities that teach
the students, corporate staff, and the community about nutrition and healthy eating principles:

– Nutrition games and competitions
– Nutrition Fair Days for colleges and corporations, featuring different stands with various nutrition
themes run by our dietitians
– International food-related theme days, such as Diabetes Day and World Food Day
– Workshops and interactive presentations on nutrition and wellness


We keep our clients well informed about the nutritional content of the food we serve by keeping transparent with the ingredient lists, allergens, and nutrition facts using the latest technologies in food analysis.


Our nutrition team provides consultancy and advisory services on food and health issues including corporate programs for employee benefits, and supporting wellness programs. We promote healthy living and eating environments at the workplace, including nutritional screening, lectures, workshops or seminars, and resources on all nutritional matters for press and media.