Abela & Co is committed to creating a positive impact, adding value, and making a difference for all our stakeholders. We are passionate about providing consistent, safe, and high-quality products along with splendid food service management.  We believe that progress and performance are a direct result of people’s passion for continuous improvement.

Our Quality department is responsible for the development and sustainability of our Integrated Management Systems which include Quality, Safety, Environment, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Standards and Systems

Consistency and efficiency are critical to our business, especially with the numerous locations that we manage. These two elements are at the core of the Quality department’s operations.

We develop systems, procedures & standards and prepare required manuals that help our teams follow established best practices and standards while reducing non-added value activities to improve productivity and efficiency. Integration of systems is the key and we endeavor to work in collaboration with the other departments to establish Management Systems governed by the Business Excellence Fundamental Principles.

Health & Safety

Health & Safety are corporate priorities and all employees in the organizations, each in their position, are accountable and responsible for Health & Safety compliance.  We aim to maintain a positive safety culture and the highest Health & Safety standards certified with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 which are translated by a well-established certified management system covering all aspects.

People Development

We expect each of our employees to be a quality agent. Over the years, we managed to implement several training programs tailor-made to meet the needs of the company, such as 5S, Fishing for a Cause (Cause and effect diagram), GEMBA House of Quality (ALDA course), ISO 22000, Occupational Health & Safety Trainings, Waste identification, Green Citizen, among others, to create the right mindset supporting effective implementation of our systems and standards and enhancing our performance.

Partnership and Customer Focus

Our customers are the center of all business. We focus on understanding their requirements through the various feedback and surveys we conduct on a regular basis to establish mutually beneficial relations & partnerships and to ensure that each and every one of our employees is acting proactively to exceed their expectations.

Creativity & FIKRA

We continuously encourage creativity and innovation and share knowledge internally through teamwork to maximize performance. FIKRA (which means Idea in Arabic) represents our suggestion scheme established to help staff voice their ideas, be heard, and feel valued. To spread the reach of FIKRA to all staff, we conduct Creative Mind workshops and FIKRA seminars regularly in different locations, where the best ideas and contributions are rewarded instantly.


Our supervisors and locations in charge are keys to the implementation of all our standards and procedures. To align them with the direction of the organization we regularly conduct Get-togethers, where the Senior Management Team shares with them the company’s progress and future projects. Interactive sessions on various topics that enhance soft skills are also on the agenda, it is a way to enhance teamwork and create a positive culture for continuous improvement.