Management Team

Abed Hannawi,
Chief Executive Officer

Loves all things food and people | CEO at Work only | Over 3,000 people call him Dad | Focused on driving efficiency, customer happiness, employee creativity and preserving a unique company culture | Born a Lebanese and married an American and co-created 3 perfect daughters | Mentor | Coffee-Drinker, reader addict, author and a hopeless juggler.

Sagara Gamage,
Vice President - Finance

Master at number crunching | No easy sell with this guardian of the dough| Thinks running a marathon is fun |Gung Ho for charity work | Completed his MBA with an emphasis in fantasy cricket.

Colin Campbell,
Corporate Chef

From Lawyer to farmer to fisherman to Chef, meet the man trying to feed the world …. 43 million meals and counting… | Passionate Professor of knowledge and author | Loves Thai food and working in his spare time | Ranked 5th in the Caterer Middle East Power Top 50 Chefs list 2015.

Nabil Tay,
Vice President - Operations

Bald, calm & ambitious | Wears an infectious smile | Involved in all business sectors | Grand Master of delighting customers | Never says no | Married to his iPhone | Respected teacher & team promotor | Avid travel aficionado

Ali Jaafar,
Asst. Vice President - Purchasing

Known for his keen attention to detail| Tasked with ensuring that millions of people are fed each year | Football fanatic and franticly building team ReAli Madrid.

Raslan Fattouh,
Asst. Vice President - Operations

A remarkable Clint Eastwood doppelganger | boasts an impressive 39-year tenure at Abela & Co. | The kind of person everyone remembers by name, thanks to his remarkable sense of humor and enduring dedication to the company

Tariq Ali Meer,
Asst. Vice President – Business Development

Energetic and Strong negotiator, Fueled by his passion to turn information into action | Believes key to success is building strong relationships, Loves meeting people from all walks of life, health and fitness fanatic, when not working you’ll find him at the gym | Football and Coffee makes life better, Will always tell you “if opportunity doesn’t knock build a door”

Leo Kokkat,
Senior Manager - IT
Discerning food lover who would like to apologize for anything he said while hungry | Transforming Information Technology into Business Technology since 2000.
Mariam Saleh,
Corporate Nutrition Manager

Nutritionist with over three decades of experience in changing mindsets| Master of all things food and diet | Regular keynote speaker, presenter, and columnist | Mother of three teenagers and survived | Compulsive Reader

Atef Belilah,
Executive Chef
Comes from the lineage of the Pharaohs | A culinary artist & master menu maker |A true testament of what hard work can achieve | Caffeine-dependent |Highly ambitious, amphibious and athletic
Salim Khoury,
Senior Manager - Operations
Excellent communicator with a contagious smile| Devoted lover of the colour blue and air guitar |Team player & master of his profession |Has a heart for people |Proud Dad & Husband |His iPhone is his best friend
Wael Bassam,
Asst. Vice President – Operations

Charming and tactful negotiator | Energetic and passionate trainer| Husband, Father and a hopeless golfer| Always has the perfect suntan

Anuja Rungachary,
Senior Manager - HR
Ultimate superhero with 16 years of diverse experience, the go-to person for all things HR | Sporting a cape of fairness and empathy, making sure women find their place in the workforce always looking out for both people & organization | When she’s not busy saving the day at work, she’s jet-setting across the globe because, hey, who doesn't love to travel?
Raseena Pazhanthotta,
Senior Manager – Food Safety

Known as the guardian of Food Safety| A no nonsense and highly respected individual when it comes to surpassing the highest industry standards |Microbes fret seeing her

Hind Al Mazrouei,
Customer Relations Manager
Outstanding level of customer service and exceptional communicator | Proud Emirati | Always up to date with the latest cultural trends | Excellent advisor and coordinator on social and community activities
Mr. Santhosh Baburaj,
Sr. Manager- Production
From aspiring IT techie to chef, inspired by his father's culinary flair | Cricket enthusiast, detail-oriented in finances and Flavors | Constantly exploring new food technology and equipment.